World of Tanks is the top leading game that allows players to feel like real shooters. The game was released in April of 2009 and has quickly become successful. Right now, the World of Tanks betting sites gather lots of players who want to feel the atmosphere of battle and fight for rewards.


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The game is adored by more than 150 million players from around the world. World of Tanks esports is favorite among those who like to play extreme games. So when it comes to betting on the team and players, you will have a great choice. There are professionals players who win consecutively. It means that you can bet on teams that consist of the best players.  When they win, you will get rewards guaranteed.

In this game, the developers offer the players to take control of the ultimate strategic shooter and win the battle. It’s the top epic online multiplayer game that features tanks. The events in the game take place in different historic locations in min 20th century. This is free to play the game but the players are offered the option to play for money. Playing the game for a fee unlocks premium features and delivers the players more opportunities for an exciting and unforgettable gaming experience.

The game allows players to control armored vehicles. Every player can control only one tank that they can choose before hitting the button “start”. The players can control tanks’ movement, firing as well as communicate with other participants through types or voice chat. Like in most games of war theme, you win when all the tanks of the opposite team are destroyed.

When playing World of Tanks betting, you can choose among 6 battle types:

  • random battles
  • team-training battles
  • rank-company battles
  • team battles
  • stronghold battles
  • special battles

The players that choose to play random battles can be put into a team of up to 3 people. Of course, to get a reward, there are missions to complete. The more complicated the mission the better reward you will get. Official esport matches in the game are played with two teams of seven participants, all manning different types of armored tanks. To get the highest reward, players should is beat the other squad in a Best of Five match series.

The winning team is the one that wins the first three games. The total number of points that players can get is 42. Each player will get a certain number of points. The rules of the game allow teams to give four players in reserve in case the mission is difficult to compete with the existing players.

Each round in the game lasts 10 minutes. During 10 minutes, there is a deathmatch elimination and capturing enemy territories. Once these missions are completed, the round is over.

If there is a tie, the match has to be replayed. Before replaying, the teams face 10 minutes to give a break and come up with a new winning strategy.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

Best World of Tanks Betting Sites

Below you can see the list of top popular World of Tanks betting sites with easy bets, safe deposits, and withdrawals:

  • Bet365

The site offers safe betting on World of Tanks with a deposit bonus. This is the leading platform that holds plenty of live games as well as esports. The site has 45 million players from around the world which makes betting on games exciting and competitive.

  • Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. At the site, you will find a great selection of popular esports that you can bet on. Ladbrokes offers a convenient environment and keeps the rule easy so everyone can place a bet, get a good bonus and win a decent sum of money. At Ladbrokes, you can enjoy World of Tanks esports. What’s important to know before you bet on Ladbroke is that this platform is absolutely safe. The site also offers a nice bonus: all new customers can £20 in free bets when placing the first bet that equals £5.

  • VitalBet

This betting site was launched only 5 years ago but it’s one of the most popular platforms for playing esports and winning real money. World of Tanks betting is one of the frequent betting esports at VitalBet. It offers a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods as well as gives 100% on first deposit.

  • 888 sport

This is one of the best World of Tanks betting sites with a big bonus up to $30 for $10 bet. To bet on World of Tanks, you have to first join the site. Find World of Tanks game, place your bet, and get a reward. 888 sport has only secure deposit and withdrawal methods as well as a decent level of security for the customers.

  • 22 Bet

The site is known for giving the best odds on esports. The fans of esports say that this site provides the most competitive odds. To bet on World of Tanks on 22 Bet you should first signup. Like on most betting sites, you should expert 20: a tax on deposits and withdrawals.

  • GG.Bet

This is one of the biggest betting sites on World of Tanks where you can bet safely when betting on your favorite team and get impressive bonuses. Once signup at GG.Bet, visit the page “menu” and read the betting rules when betting on your favorite team.

There are more betting sites that you can find online by positive reviews.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

Ways to Get Rewards on World of Tanks Esports

Those who want to play World of Tanks game for real money will have to head to a World of Tanks betting site. Luckily, there are many trustworthy betting sites that provide decent bonuses and allows customers to take payouts quickly.

To bet with a winning possibility, you have to make a prediction saying who you think will win. The stakes reflect who is favored. You should predict how many maps every team will win. You may also say who you think will win an individual map.

World of Tanks is a great choice for players who enjoy strategies. Winning the game requires the placement of bets and calculating risks. There are four main markets on offer for this heavily armored game and they include the match winner market, the handicap market, the outright winners market and the specials market.

If you want to play World of Tanks for real money, you have to analyze each team’s performance statistics. To select which team you want to bet on, check their results. Of course, you should choose a team that has been winning matches consistently. When betting on the team, consistency is what should help you yo make a decision. Don’t hope that the team that has been looking several times will unexpectedly win. Lock yourself to the team that has been showing great results consistently. You should also check the names of the players of the team you want to put your bet on. If the names of the players change often, then the team is likely to lose. However, if the team has the same players constantly, then your chances to win with the team are high.

How To Bet on World of Tanks?

There are three types of bets on World of Tanks betting website:

  • Match winner/moneyline

This is the simplest bet out of three available. If this case, you bet on whichever team that wins. The odds reflect the team-best favored and are based on past performance. Match winner/moneyline bet doesn’t always offer good odds but this is the easiest option and is always recommended to newcomers who want to avoid losing.

  • First blood

World of Tanks betting first blood means that you have to place a bet on the team that scores first and destroys the rank of the enemy team. Such bet is highly unpredictable but if you have been watching the teams and believe that a particular player can kill the tank of the opposite team, then you have a chance to get a good reward.

  • Map winner

Here you have to place a bet on which team wins an individual map. This is the type of bet recommended for those who know the teams and have been watching them for a long period of time.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

What Are the Odds?

The most popular is the winner or loser bets. Before placing a bet, you should learn what teams are competing against each other. Two different teams regarding their experience and skills will lower the odds. World of Tanks betting odds starts rising when the competition is between inexperienced teams. The odds may come at a low rate when you bet on the team which has a competitor that has almost the same statistics. The odds for World of Tanks vary from 1,90 to 2,50.

World of Tanks Betting Bonuses

Bonuses vary for World of Tanks game. The “size” of the bonus depends on the betting site you choose. You can get bonuses paid on your initial deposit as well as free bets. To choose a betting site with the best bonuses, you have to do homework. Don’t join the first betting site that you see in search. Luckily, you can review the best betting sites in the first part of the article and choose the platform that offers the best World of Tanks betting bonuses!


The League is the biggest esports event for the fans of the game. Wargaming is one of the biggest and most successful World of Tanks tournaments has been first conducted in Europe. However, it was soon represented in North America and Asia-Pacific. The League is held in four world regions. Each region has 12 teams competing except for North America which has 10. The tournament prize pool is $300,000. During the World of Tanks tournament in Warsaw, Poland, the league came up with a price pool of $350.000.

There are weekly competitions that can bring you money. At, you can find the list of tournaments that have already passed and will be held in the nearest future. At the site, you will be able to find information on flights and all the information on rewards, dates for registration, match dates and times. If you are interested in joining World of Tanks tournament, you will have to review the available events and choose the one that matches you by the date, format, vehicles, mode, teams and prize pool. World of Tanks esports played on desktop and mobile devices as well as gets bets from fans of esports from around the world.