The king of RTS, StarCraft was released in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment. It was the game that captured the attention of those in search of balanced competitive online multiplayer gaming. The gameplay focuses on constructing a base with various buildings around hubs consisting of mineral and gas deposits. Players extract minerals and gas to spend on forming army units and constructing more advanced buildings, which give access to stronger units. The ultimate goal is to use your units to destroy the opponent’s base and units while, in turn, preventing such a fate from befalling your own side.


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StarCraft betting was especially popular in South Korea. It played a huge role in establishing competitive video gaming as a legitimate spectator sport in the region. The professional StarCraft circuit was broadcast on two major channels and watched by millions of fans. This was the start of professional esports as we know them today. Blizzard released StarCraft 2 in 2010, and it quickly became the biggest esports game in the world. It’s been overtaken by other games since, such as Dota 2 and League of Legends, but it remains one of the most popular. It’s also one of the most bet on esports games and presents a lot of good betting opportunities.

StarCraft is a spin-off of StarCraft, a sci-fi real-time strategy game popular in the late 1990s and 2000s. Its gameplay revolves around the adventures of Jim Raynor and features three extraterrestrial species available in the previous game – the Terrans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. SC was launched in July 2010 for the two major operating systems – Windows and macOS. Immediately after the release, the game received positive feedback both from critics and amateur players and became the fastest-selling real-time strategy game, with over 3 mln copies sold in just one month (over 6 mln total).

While it can be played 2v2, Starcraft features competitive matches that are usually 1v1.

Players start by choosing one of three distinct factions. Games can be played between players using two of the same faction. Players normally specialize in one particular faction. Each faction has entirely unique units and abilities from the others. They are:

  • The Zerg, a swarm of insect-like aliens whose focus is on overwhelming their opponents with numbers
  • The Protoss, a hyper-advanced race of aliens, whose focus is limited to a smaller number of units that require more micromanagement
  • The Terran, the human faction, whose playstyle is the most adaptable of the three.

A sequel, StarCraft: Wings of Liberty, was released in 2010 to global fanfare, with much of that fandom being centered in South Korea. Starcraft uses the same factions as the first game, and it maintained many of the same mechanics and balancing as well.

The brilliant balancing of StarCraft and the rise of MOBAs have effectively killed off all legitimate competitors among RTS titles. SC could reasonably be called the Standard Oil of RTS because of its absolute dominance in the genre. The few other RTS titles which are still produced today are often overlooked because of SC. Because it is so iterative, StarCraft has effectively received well over a decade’s worth of time for tweaking its faction balance. The game has already received an expansion, Heart of the Swarm, and is currently awaiting the release of a second expansion called Legacy of the Void.

Though much of the new content is single­player, each expansion (and some patches) alters the multiplayer balancing in its own respective way (although Blizzard tries not to rock the boat too much, lest they draw the ire of loyal fans and professional players). The game and its accompanying metagame have certainly evolved since the initial 2010 release, but it has mostly done so with a series of small steps rather than a few giant leaps.

The viability of StarCraft as a spectator sport originated in South Korea, where the original game was an unusual success. Nearly half of all global sales for StarCraft game came from Korea. Many thousands of people would pack into stadiums to watch the esport played live, and playing professionally was, initially (and to a certain degree, still), only a legitimate option for those living in South Korea.

The majority of the millions of dollars of tournament winnings have been awarded to players inside the country for competitions that took place there. Though there is online multiplayer, players will often fly to the events to play larger matches in the same room, which helps avoid any possible lag in the game itself. StarCraft was a pioneer in esports because it was one of the first games to ever be taken so seriously as a form of entertainment for people who weren’t actually playing it.

StarCraft Betting Sites

About StarCraft Betting

There are many ways you can do StarCraft betting through online bookmakers, though they are not available to US citizens at the time of this writing. The most common type of wager is, simply, a bet on who will win a particular match. In certain pro-league matchups, you can bet on the outcome of either an individual match within a lineup or on a particular team to win a series.

For tournaments, you can make a future bet on who will be the winner of that tournament, or a bet on how many games you think a particular player or, a team as a whole, will win during that tournament. Some sites allow for bettors to make wagers on multiple outcomes across various different esports events, StarCraft being among them. These bets are very complex. Players may wager virtual items with their Steam accounts through various sites.

Betting On StarCraft Esports

StarCraft is available to bet on at several of the world’s best sports betting sites, which have their own dedicated esports wagering sections. SC and StarCraft: Brood War are still extremely popular in the North American and South Korean competitive gaming circuits, so expect to be able to place a bet on your favorite pro players year-round with great odds at the top-reviewed esports betting sites. Many of the sites we recommend to bet on accept players from all over the world, so check out our reviews to confirm which sportsbooks legally cater to esports fans from your country.

Due to the fast-paced nature of StarCraft real-time strategy gameplay. We recommend brushing up on your knowledge of the game’s various strategies and rules prior to placing a real money bet for peace-of-mind and the best possible chance at picking the right winner. Thankfully for you, we have StarCraft esports betting guides available for you here, at your convenience.

Before you decide to bet on StarCraft, however, we highly recommend reading our beginner’s guide to betting on esports. We recognize many esports fans aren’t regular sports bettors, so you may be unfamiliar with basic betting procedures and terminology, which is what our guide carefully covers so you are well informed and prepared before putting your hard-earned cash down. The focus of the game is to construct a base with various buildings around hubs that have minerals and gas deposits. Players from either team can extract the minerals and gas to spend on forming army units, and also construct better and advanced buildings, that further gives them access to stronger units. The ultimate goal of a unit is to destroy the opponent’s base and units and to prevent your base and units from the opponent’s wrath.

Betting on the game is available on various StarCraft betting sites now, with huge prize money. Some StarCraft betting websites even offer four or five-figure amounts, for global level StarCraft tournaments.

So what are the sites to bet on StarCraft? Here’s a list of our recommended best StarCraft betting sites for 2023.

StarCraft Betting Sites

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard entertainment themselves hosts a world championship series (WCS) for StarCraft lovers. You can either use play or virtual money to place bets if you are a beginner in the world of wagering, or you can also use real money to gain some real profits. Apart from Blizzard entertainment, there are various other companies and gaming organizations that hold regular events for StarCraft. One of the best StarCraft betting site includes the official Blizzard entertainment itself that organizes and host most of the StarCraft tournaments.

StarCraft Betting Sites


Arcanebet esports betting offers bets on all your favorite games, including SC. The most common way to place a bet on SC is through online bookmakers, but they are restricted in some countries including the USA. There are many ways to increase your betting odds. You can bet on a team as a whole and bet on the overall performance of that team for the entire tournament or you can also bet for a specific match and vouch for your favorite. You can place future bets as well and place your money on who the winner of the tournament will be.

We have no doubt each of this StarCraft betting website is great and worth trying. They’re the ones we use ourselves, and we’re very happy with the services they provide. Are they all perfect? No. There are some minor things they could do better for sure. Overall, though, they’re of a very high standard. They do the important things well, and we have no problem trusting them with our money.

Some betting sites on StarCraft also allow the users to bet on multiple outcomes of a single match or a single tournament in StarCraft esports. Since these bets are complicated in nature, they are best to be placed by seasoned users who are experts in wagering.

But before you place a bet on a team or a tournament, you must do proper research about it and have due diligence to avoid any loss. To increase your StarCraft betting odds, it is important to get access to verified data that provides you proper information about the players, teams and their history in StarCraft. Only after knowing everything, you will be able to finally place a bet.

Apart from the teams and players, it is also important to have complete, in-depth knowledge about the game itself. That is why this review is important to educate yourself in StarCraft esports. The StarCraft series of games has been one of the most influential in the entire esports scene. Its story started back in 1998 when Blizzard Entertainment released the first StarCraft game. It was the best-selling game that year and set a new standard for the real-time strategy genre.

Because betting on StarCraft so high, the vast majority of esports betting sites cover the game (to some extent at least). This means you have plenty of options for where to place your wagers. However, it’s important that you don’t just sign up with any old site.

This last point is why you have to be very careful when choosing a betting site. Although most sites are reputable and trustworthy, there are a few that aren’t. Some sites are nothing short of crooked and will look for ways to rip you off whenever they can. You obviously need to avoid such sites completely.

StarCraft Betting Bonuses

You can rest assured that the sites that we have recommended will not try to rip you off. Each one is a fully licensed operator based in a jurisdiction where online gambling is both legal and regulated. They all have a strict code of conduct to adhere to, and they all have a good track record of treating their customers in a fair and ethical manner. Betway, which has made itself known for its betting odds, offers you as a new customer a generous deposit StarCraft betting bonuses of 150% on your first deposit up to € 1500. Here you can invest money on StarCraft 2 as well as other sports titles. Betway offers a wide betting market in sports with very favorable odds.

If you’re looking to bet on StarCraft, these are definitely the sites you should be using. We’re confident that you’ll have a very good experience at any one of them. They all offer a sign-up bonus to new customers too. So, what are you waiting for? The chances of losing are small!