Rocket League is a top popular esports game developed by Psyonix. The play game includes rocket-powered cars that play soccer. The game allows having up to four players assigned to each of the two teams. The players can use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into their opponent’s goal and score points over one match. Rocket League betting provides single-player and multiplayer modes that can be played online. This is a global game that comes in various languages: English, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, and Korean.


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There were several updates for the game that slowed players to play ice hockey and basketball modes. Players control rocket-powered cars and use them to hit a soccer ball. All the cars have the ability to jump and hit the ball in the air. All the cars also have the ability to speed up, turn and even destroy other cars on the field. Players can perform short jumps and spin in any direction, which can be used to direct the ball and score the goal.

All matches in Rocket League last five minutes. Matches can be played from between two opponents as well as between two teams with 4 players in each. Rocket League includes a single-player “season” mode. In this mode, a player competes with computer-controlled players.

In 2015, during the holiday season, the developers of the game added Snow Day mode which allowed the players to play on an ice rink. In this mode, the soccer ball was replaced with a hockey puck. Show Day mode gas become very successful, so the players could enjoy it for weeks. After that, the developers added a few more modes: Rumble, Starbase ARC, and Dropshot.

In 2008, Rocket League was one of the most popular video game on PlayStation 3. The game has received many reviews and gained many fans. Rocket League has great graphics and a nice presentation. It was sold in 10 million copies. By 2018, over 40 million players from around the world have tried the game. Rocket League has become esport. Professional players are not playing the game through ESL and Major League Gaming.

Below you can review the list of Rocket League betting sites where you can place a bet on one player or a team and get a reward:


At ArcaneBet, you can get a great bonus of 100% on the first deposit. To bet on the Rocket League esports, you have to first register. After registration, find Rocket League in the esports category. Review matches, learn about the players and bet on the single-player or the team which has succeeded previously. ArcaneBet is a specialist esports betting site with good odds for Rocket League. The site has gained trust by bets on many niche pro gaming events. You can even get a promo code to bet at ArcaneBet at the lowest rate.

Rocket League Betting Sites


Another Rocket League esports site offers good welcome bonuses and safe methods to deposit and withdraw money. 22bet has a high satisfaction rate and is used among bettors from around the world. Also, this betting site us called the best regarding the odds, so if your goal is to get a reward by betting on the video game, then head to 22bet.

Bet Online

This another great Rocket League betting site where you can put a frame on Rocket League and get good money if your favorite team wins. Bet Online has already conducted Rocket League tournaments in the past. The bettors can get a generous Bitcoin or welcome bonus during the signup process here.

Betway Esports

This is one of the best Rocket League betting sites that offer €30 in free bets when placing a bet minimum of €30. The number of bettors at Betway Esports who stake on Rocket League is huge which proves the popularity and trustworthiness of the site.

Rocket League Betting Sites


The last betting site where you can bet on Rocket League esports is Pinnacle. This betting site invites bettors from around the world offering good odds and big bonuses. The website constantly conducts tournaments including Rocket League tournaments rewarding the bettors with big money sums.

These are some of the best betting sites on Rocket League that hold tournaments, offer good bonuses and guarantee privacy for bettors from around the world.

Rocket League Betting: How To?

Rocket League betting is extreme, exciting and entertaining. There are players all over the world who enjoy playing soccer by using a car. The game is extremely competitive, this is why it’s one of the top in the esports category. What makes it so exciting is that every match lasts for 5 minutes only. The bettors can follow the game and get the results pretty quickly.

The benefit Rocket League betting on reliable betting sites is that it’s safe and profitable. At the good-quality betting site, you are not risking your security and money. However, before placing a bet, you have to do your homework and learn statistics. Of course, the players or the teams who show good results and win consecutively give you a chance to get your reward as well.

Of course, when betting, you want to know what teams are the most promising. Gale Force esports is an American eSports franchise that is most famous for its Rocket League team. It consists of such players as Turbopolsa, Kuxir97, ViolentPanda, Kaydop, paschy90, Chausette45, and Pocket Aces. These players have been the core of the team and have recently won over $70 thousand. The team has won the Rocket League Championship Series Season 4 and the Rocket League Universal Open: Season 1.

Another famous team is NRG esports which is a part of the NRG esports organization. The team has great players such as Fireburner, Jacob, and GarrettG. The team managed to get $100 thousand during several Rocket League tournaments. NRG eSports has also won the Rocket League Championship Series: Seasons 2 and 3. So these are the teams that are worth betting on.

Betting on Rocket League is fascinating: each match lasts only 5 minutes while a soccer match lasts over 2 hours. The bettors have a great chance to enjoy watching the action. Have you seen flying cars that hit the ball? Rocket League betting is available at almost all popular sportsbooks, so you can easily find the game and bet online from the comfort of your home.

Rocket League Betting Sites

Rocket League Betting Bonuses

Most Rocket League betting bonuses are based on the deposit. The bettors can expect bonuses from 25% to 100% of the deposit. There is another bonus option which is called no deposit. The bettors can get no deposit bonus which is usually a small sum of money to start betting straight away. In order to find a betting site with good bonuses, it’s recommended to review many websites and compare their bonus systems.

Rocket League Esports Strategy

Rocket League betting strategy is about understanding how teams react in different scenarios. If you want to bet high, then you should look for teams that have been winning consecutively over the last few seasons. Avoid the teams that are losing often. Never bet on such teams thinking that they can be lucky. This is very unlikely. How to find a successful team that can give you the opportunity to win big money?  Watch live streams of matches on channels. Twitch is one of the leading channels where you can see all Rocket League matches and learn a lot about teams and the players. also, it’s important to bet on the team that hasn’t changed players: usually, teams that have been consisting of the same players for a long period of time and have won many times are the best to bet on.

Rocket League Tournaments

The bettors can choose among four possible types of markets. The betting markets include:

  • match winners markets – the most popular and easiest type of betting for Rocket League where bettors have to choose which team out of two will win the match on Rocket League betting website. Betting operators provide the odds for each team, so you can base your decision on their experience and put your stake
  • handicap market – this is a similar betting option to match the winner market but starting advantage is given to one of the two teams competing. For Rocket League, the starting handicap advantage can be +1.5 or +2.5. The team that gets the advantage will have increased chances of victory and the odds will be decreased
  • futures or outright winners markets – here the bettors must give their prediction on which team will win on a specific tournament before the tournament start

There are many current Rocket League tournaments that you can join. The tournaments can be found on various betting sites. Official events revolve around the Rocket League Championship Series which is also called RLCS, this is a huge competition created by Psyonix and reputable tournament organizers like ELEAGUE, Rocket Street, and Gfinity Esports Australia. The RLCS is split into four leagues: Europe, Oceania, North America, South America. In one season, only the best teams with the strongest players compete against each other. Therefore, the bettors have an amazing chance to choose the best and the strongest team and stake on it. There are many teams; you can view statistics and see how successful each team was previously.

Rocket League professional players show their skill and compete for fame and glory, therefore, a tournament a perfect chance for bettors who want to get a monetary reward too. The prize pools in tournaments are not very high and rarely exceed $100,000.


Betting on Rocket League is easy plus there excellent betting sites that can offer good odds. You have learned about five popular betting sites that offer decent Rocket League betting odds, provide safe deposit and withdrawal methods and guarantee privacy. To learn more about this esport, watch matches on Twitch and follow the best teams. Betting on Rocket League is easy and profitable. You just need to find the best site with the biggest welcome bonus or a deposit bonus and bet on the team that has won plenty of matches previously.