Competitive video gaming, or what we call Esports, has developed and improved in terms of catering customers, players, and sponsorships across different countries or continents. The betting system or the gambling scene in the world also shaped and established legitimate systems in winning real money in the esports you follow. By this, we will review and guide what you should look into when you are betting esports from different esports bookies that guarantee you good deals in terms of winning great odds.


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And as gambling became massive, it may be sports, or in esports bookmakers online, the number of punters for esports betting on real money is growing in numbers as well, making prominent countries earn high revenues each year. As it would be no question that online betting will set the future of Esports.

Real Money Esports Betting

How To Ensure A Win In Real Money Betting Sites

It is important to note that betting real money in sports or esports betting sites always has consequences you should take into consideration. And winning in any wagering event or games depends on your skills, luck, and trust in the one you are putting your money to.

So, here are the tips and tricks to ensure a win in real money betting sites:

1. Secure Your Money In A Specific Bank That You Trust

Because to make money on esports betting, you must trust yourself, as there will be ups and downs in your gambling. So, it would be a good idea that you have an account where you deposited your money for betting, to secure, and manage your future spending.

2. Ensure That You Have At Least A Few Sportsbooks Accounts, Limiting To At Least Three

It is important to at least manage a few gambling accounts to at least check and review your winnings and losses from time to time. And from this, you will be able to compare where your money is going.

3. Make Some Smart Bets

One of the techniques of making smart bets is not to bet when you are not in the mood, or you had a rough day as this will not help you to think carefully about choosing who to bet. Bad decisions lead to disappointment or loss.

4. Have A Calendar On Your Betting Sessions

Betting every day is not a smart move for any punter, as it somewhat makes you greedy about money or the odds that the sportsbooks have. Make sure that you are confident enough to make a bet and win some good numbers.

5. Never Chase Bad Bets

Don’t try to recoup losses from your previous bets as this is very dangerous because if you think that you will be able to win more than the previous one, it will always be a loss. The opposite thought would also be true, never chase a good bet with more bets to attempt to win more.

6. Be Critical When Betting

Always think of the possibilities and the odds before betting. Always make sure that your mind is clear and focused too because emotions play an important role when we decide a thing.

7. Rest When You Have Time

When you are winning and having a good day or when you are in a losing streak, it is always nice to take a break from betting to cleanse your thoughts about money or odds. Do something else that makes you happy and get back in betting when you are ready.

Friendly Guide On What You Should Look Into In Esports Betting Sites

It’s a must that you should have at least a guideline on what you should look into in esports betting sites as this will help you foresee such outcomes in your future spending. Also, you need to know the:

Know The Background Of The Company

You must know the background of the company; when they were established, funded, developed, and how they improved their service from year to year. From this, you will if they have a good reputation and you will be able to compare one from another.

Check If They Are Available In Your Country

It is worth noting that you have at least information on where an esports bookie is available, as some esports betting sites are exclusive in some countries.

See What Services They Offer

Any punter knows this as knowing the services of what an online esports betting site features or offer in their customers and players. By this, you will be able to see which site offers great odds and esports they cover.

Offers A Wide Variety Of Methods And Payment Options

Most esports betting sites online have different methods and payment options when securing a wage in esports games that you are participating in.

And it is a plus that the bookie site offers a wide variety of how you deposit or withdraw your potential winnings.

Customer-Support Friendly Betting Site

This is essential as sometimes when you are betting online, there are some problems and issues arise, and you don’t have any answers on resolving them.

Customer support is the one that handles your queries, which provides you answers and ways in solving them. And with the availability of 24/7 and professional customer support is necessary.

Good Reviews Across Web Forums

Even if you already trust the site because of its history and reputation, availability in your country, services that it features, and has a wide variety of methods and payment options.

We also recommend that you should at least check the reviews from other customers for your safety and future spending as you will bet real money.

Now that you have a glimpse of what you should look into esports betting sites, it is also important to know the best esports betting sites that offer great odds when you are betting real money.

Esports Betting Real Money

Best Online Esports Betting Sites In Terms Of Real Money Betting 2023

The esports betting industry is growing year by year, and a lot of bookmakers are at the top level of their services and respected reputation on having the best system to bet real money on their websites, and others are known as scam sites due to their negligence in providing an easy withdrawal system in the potential winning odds of their customers. Here are our top 5 online esports betting sites for 2023:

  • Bovada
  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Unibet
  • GG.Bet

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This is the number one esports betting site in the world today and is considered to be the real bookie. And if you’re looking for top-notch services and great wager deals guarantee the worth of your money, then you should visit this site.

Moreover, Bovada gives its players unlimited rewards, including bonuses upon signing up on its services. Their customer support is impeccable as they are available 24/7 and ready to answer your questions or queries. And if you’re questioning their real money betting, we guarantee you their system is safe and legitimate.

They got a massive welcome bonus of $750 worth of Bitcoin, and other rewards await you there.


One of the prominent online esports betting sites that has massive expansion across the globe, as their capability of delivering high-quality services in the betting and gambling industry is incomparable.

Bet365 offers you great discounts and deals of bonuses when you register on their website. And they are one of the legitimate esports sites, as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

And if you are a new customer, make sure you grab their free €100 Bet Credits for you to enjoy more betting on their website.


BETWAY is one of the go-to destinations for esports sites and if you want to win good deals in terms of esports betting. They can guarantee the safety of your money deposit, and their withdrawal system in your potential bets are favorable to most punters.

And they also offer simple and easy navigation for new players or customers on their sportsbook site. And new players usually get a £30 free bet when they deposit and wager £10 in whatever game or match they choose to wage.


One of the reliable and trusted sites for esports betting. Also, they are one of the respected companies in the gambling industry as they have been operating since 1997. Unibet has everything you need as they cover the most popular esports games and guarantee you will be coming back every day as they offer great deals of bonuses for you to enjoy.

And if you’ll be their customer, Unibet also awaits you as if you will be able to refer a friend on their website, you will get the chance to win at €120 free wage on their games.


This is one of the best esports betting sites that are very dedicated to gambling and the esports industry. They bring you the best services you need as they have a cover for most of the esports games CSGO, League of Legends, Dota2, and so much more. And you will surely get hooked on spending so much money on the potential odds are incomparable.

GG.Bet offers you 400 USD + 175 free spins for those who are new to their sportsbook, and there is a lot more waiting for you to have.