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What Is The Game All About?

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment and published for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016 and Nintendo Switch in 2019. The standard version costs $39.99, the Legendary Edition $59.99.

The game is set in futuristic earth in which the clash between good and evil is as strong as ever. After the Overwatch, an organization formed to maintain peace, successfully defeats the Omnics, vile robots threatening civilization, it disbands. However, when new menaces arise, and the earth is no longer a safe place, the Overwatch has to regroup again in order to restore order once and for all.

In-game, you will be playing as the old, lionhearted warriors, the new villains, or both at the same time, joining a 6 vs. 6 battle to conquer objectives which will decide the winner.

Overwatch Wallpaper

Heroes And Game Modes

How is it possible to play both at the same time? Well, Overwatch includes the chance for its players to change their hero in-game, opening up the possibility for dynamic team compositions to adapt in every situation. There are three main roles in Overwatch:

  • tank, those heroes who lead their team into a fight, absorb all the enemy’s damage and destroy fortified positions;
  • damage, heroes specialized in annihilating the enemy with powerful abilities and play styles but quite weak hp-wise;
  • support, the heroes we need, but we don’t deserve, those who heal, shield, and overall focus on protecting their teammates.

In addition to a sheer range of heroes to choose from (32 as of August 2023), Overwatch also offers you 6 different play modes. Let’s see them below.

  1. Practice range. Jump into this mode if you want to learn new heroes or train against bots.
  2. Play/practice vs. AI. As opposed to the previous mode, here you are able to play in a real map of your choice and not just a training area. Perfect for trying those maps out.
  3. Quick play. A classic, casual match with and against human players.
  4. Arcade. An exciting way to play the game, unique rules, and weekly rewards.
  5. Competitive play. Come here to play in a ranked mode, show everyone who’s the best by competing against other players and climb the ranks.
    • This one can be played in 4 different game modes: Assault (the attacking team must take two capture points, the defending team attempts to prevent it), Control (two teams fight over a capture point), Escort (the attacking team must escort a payload to a delivery point, the defending team tries to prevent them) and Hybrid, a combination of Assault and Escort.
  6. Custom game. Carte blanche: modify the game and the rules as much as you want.

How Overwatch Esports Became A Thing

Despite not developing the game with a clear intention of launching the next big esports, soon, Blizzard began building a well-organized competitive scene with Overwatch tournaments arranged in seasons.

The major result from this is the Overwatch League (OWL), already announced in 2016 and officially inaugurated two years later.

The format is simple: the best 20 teams in the world battle against each other, totaling 280 matches per season, usually from February to the start of the Overwatch World Cup around October. The teams’ points scored by winning or losing matches determine their seeding and the possible qualification to the OWL Playoffs. Finally, the winner of the Playoffs gets crowned the champion. With $5 million on the line, the Overwatch professional league is sure to offer a thrilling experience throughout the entire season for players and esports fans alike.

However, in the mind of a competitive player, becoming the League Champion is not enough. A tournament every Overwatch esports fan looks forward to is, no doubt, the World Cup. It hosts the best national teams yearly at BlizzCon, but what really makes the competition interesting is the Overwatch community, as fans are those who have the power to decide who they are going to see on the stage. They vote for their nation’s representatives, who then, in turn, select the strongest team in such a nation. These teams will fight in the group stages to finally reach the main event and fight for the chance to be proclaimed World Champion.

Overwatch Betting, Including Overwatch Betting Bonuses And More

Best Betting Sites

Because of the huge popularity the game has experienced since its debut on the esports scene, Overwatch is listed among all major online betting operators worldwide. It might be difficult, therefore, to navigate in this ocean of bookmakers in search of the perfect one. That’s why we are here! We present to you our list of the best bookies on Overwatch betting.


Buff.bet main page

It is a great bookmaker, advantageous in different regards, but especially if we consider their impressive Overwatch betting odds and extremely varied choice of esports markets.

Let’s talk first about their welcome bonus, which should definitely draw your attention. If you create a new account, enter the code GET100 and make a deposit of at least €10, then the website will match such deposit by 100% up to €100.

Buff.bet is, without a doubt, able to compete against bigger operators, managing to easily keep up with them. Also, as we mentioned before, one of its main positive aspects is that, contrary to what you would expect from a standard bookie, apart from covering all major esports, it also offers a wide range of markets. So you’ll find not only the traditional match or tournament winner but also exciting stuff such as the map decided.

Want to pay using Bitcoin? Worry not, as Buff.bet supports, alongside traditional forms of payments, cryptocurrency as well.

In short, if you’re looking to start betting on Overwatch, you should consider this betting site as a good candidate.


ArcaneBet main page

An excellent Overwatch betting site. We make it clear from the beginning: odds are nothing incredible. However, the site offers you the possibility to bet on almost all the game’s tournaments and provides access to some interesting markets such as map advantage and decider map played, a great idea if you want to spice things up when it comes to your bets.

Just so you know, they have an attractive bonus in store for you if you sign up: 100% first deposit bonus up to €200 if you use the code ES200.


main page Rivalry

Although not a crazy big bookmaker, Rivalry could be a good starting point in your first Overwatch bets, as the site feels very friendly to beginners.

First, it has a very simple and intuitive interface. Then, you’re welcomed with a free first bet and VIP program (use code ESPORTSBETS) that grants you up to $350 bonus funds if you complete certain challenges.

This bookie covers all main payment methods (including Bitcoin) and offers relatively competitive odds. The only downside is the limited betting markets specifically for Overwatch the website provides compared to others.


GG.bet main page

Established in 2016, it is perfect for Overwatch betting, as it provides excellent games coverage, competitive odds, daily live streaming services and is overall a secure, well-established bookmaker.

As a welcome bonus, if you deposit at least €10, they will match it by 100%. You have a limited amount of time to claim the bonus offer, which is among the few drawbacks of this betting site.

The site accepts all main payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney. Notably, they also support AliPay. Their customer support is always available and ready to solve any issues, which adds to the security of the site.


Unikrn main page

Because of its focus solely on esports, this operator quickly became a leader in the industry of esports betting. Praised because of its varied and innovative options, this bookmaker also counts with some interesting bonus offers, a wide range of traditional payments as well as cryptocurrency methods, secure transactions, and much more, placing it among the best betting sites on Overwatch.

Talking about innovation, if betting on yourself is your big dream in life, well, then, Unikrn is here to make a dream come true: you choose a certain goal in a game, and if you’re able to achieve it you win the bet.

Although no specific Overwatch betting bonuses are proposed, they have a very generous bonus if you are a newcomer: a 300% matched deposit bonus up to a maximum amount of $450. Meaning, if you deposit $150, you receive a bonus of $450.

The only negative aspect we found about this operator is that they don’t accept betting with real money if you live outside the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. If such a condition applies to you, then you’ll have to use their own cryptocurrency, Unikoingold (UKG), or any other virtual currency.

Best Betting Strategies

Now that you know some great Overwatch betting websites and the bonuses consider having some strategies in mind in order to get the best out of your bets.

Of course, one of the most important things is being able to stay to date with the game’s competitive scene. In order to do so, it is advisable to follow live events on stream to catch up by watching VODs and read the news related to the pro scene. However, if you don’t have the time to closely pay attention to all the action, you still have the opportunity to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of teams and players by checking websites covering the Overwatch esports scene, such as Liquipedia, which report the rendition of such teams.

Linked to the above, another good way to get the upper hand in Overwatch betting is to understand the meta, i.e., what are the trends in the competitive scene. Blizzard frequently updates the game with new patches, making certain heroes and tactics more or less viable. If a not-so-popular-anymore hero gets nerfed, then maybe the team which loved to pick it and lay out a game plan around it might be at a disadvantage with respect to other pro teams.

Finally, remember: there are four game modes available in competitive matches, so perhaps the team you want to bet on does very good in some but not so much in others. The same goes for maps. The game has a wide map pool, so predicting which one will be chosen by the teams before a match and understanding how those teams will play accordingly can give you a huge advantage in Overwatch betting.


After being out for about 4 years, Overwatch has slowly entered the esports universe with one of the most enjoyable and organized competitive scenes that provide entertainment to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Witnessing such an incredible success, betting sites didn’t lag behind. We hope our little guide helped you clear your mind and, if you had doubts, clear those too. We can’t wait to see you on the other side, not reading articles anymore but winning some fine money while enjoying some good Overwatch action.