Though Heroes of the Storm hasn’t been around for long, it is rapidly carving out its own niche in the bookmaking industry. The game features the smooth gameplay, awesome graphics and fantastic soundtrack we’ve come to expect from Blizzard Entertainment and revolves around many of the characters that feature in Warcraft and League of Legends. Matches take place on battlegrounds, which is why the game is classified as MOBA, though its developers prefer to refer to it as a Hero Brawler due to the short duration (about 20 minutes) of its matches.


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HotS Gameplay can vary considerably according to a player’s taste; you can choose to play alone, against a computer-generated opponent, or a team of randomly matched players the list goes on. At the beginning of the game, the player is asked to choose one hero or avatar from the four types available – Assassins, Warriors, Specialist and Support – and then to form a team with four other players and engage in epic battles on one of 14 battlegrounds. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team – preferably by the destruction of their Core – but there are many other, smaller objectives during gameplay that depend on the game level or type of match being played.

HotS is Blizzard’s own go at the genre. Here is a game that pits ten players who try to best themselves in a match of capturing points, launching missiles at the enemy base and ultimately bringing ruin to their foes’ Nexus. Heroes of the Storm esports is proving popular enough to enjoy regular updates, all the love developers can bestow upon a product, and the enthusiasm of the community. In this sword-and-sorcery saga, spectators and players both find something to keep them intrigued and at it. As the scene matures, a new phenomenon is slowly shifting into the limelight.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Sites

About Heroes of The Storm Betting

If you have been a regular video game esports follower, you have probably caught wind of the fact that people these days will readily wager on their favorite massive online battle arena or self-styled brawler. And there is plenty of reason why anyone would plunk down hard-earned currency on a video game. It could be because you root for a team or you would like to turn a profit out of a favorite pastime. Whatever your motivation for Heroes of the Storm betting, we are here to help you become a little better at it.

For the most part, Heroes of the Storm betting sites are never exclusively dealing with video games alone. Heroes of the Storm esports is a fresh market and tentative forays are underway. You may come across one or two video game betting websites that are dedicated to Heroes of the Storm betting entirely. Still, you ought to cover your basis and make sure your betting den will earn you a shiny penny and not deprive you of funds. Just as you would consult Icy Veins for a decent talent build, so you would want to know a thing or two about the place where you lay wagers. Here is a handful of pointers that may help you.

First, you will need to check whether you are committing to licensed Heroes of the Storm betting website. While variety is a bit hard to come by in esports, you may still check out if your bookie is running the latest HotS tournaments. Someone else with military experience. It would be best to root for operators that have weathered the storm and have an established reputation. Longevity is not a surefire, but it is important.

Look for the seemingly knotty but all the same important aspects of a bookie. An in-play feature, a slew of depositing and withdrawing options, as well as a native mobile app is always welcome. Heroes of the Storm tournaments have kicked off in earnest. After all, if you want any esports action, you will have to look in the way of professional competitions and stay ahead of the latest news, as we have described on our tips page.

Naturally, designers’ own commitment and the developing company’s financial heft are just as crucial to have a game take off and hit big with gamers and bettors. Smaller than similar games in the MOBA genre, you will be rather pleased to know that HotS events offer a respectable prize pool, which tantalizes bettors with a soft spot for video gaming and gambling.

If you are a newly-fangled punter in the world of pixel frost cones and flaming bolts, then you most certainly will need to know that the competitive scene is split between the East and the West. This comes mostly for the sake of latency, which can easily diminish a game’s skill-based outcome if a spike causes a fight to turn ill.

You will quickly realize that most clashes that have seven-figure prize pools are held locally, where chances to cheat and the Internet’s tantrums are pretty much negated. You may want to apply this to your own betting on Heroes of the Storm practice as you set out to lay wagers on the game esports. Accounting for latency in online tournaments is a great way to give yourself some wriggle room when it comes to making a punt. For the time being, the game offers a modest, yet decent, number of markets in the sense of events.

Real-money betting is possible on most sportsbooks offering HotS betting, including, Mr. Green and a few others but if you wish to bet exclusively with Bitcoin, then GG.Bet, which also offers SkinPay, is the place for you. Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions attached to your chosen method of payment; each bookmaker has its own individual set.

You may very well be content to enjoy free gameplay on Heroes of the Storm – and, with plenty of free heroes, skins, and updates available, this is entirely possible. But there’s no denying the fact that betting makes this a lot more exciting! High rollers will no doubt want to follow the HotS top tournaments and leagues covered by their bookmaker of choice – and things tend to get big. The Heroes Global Championship (HGC) is undoubtedly the game’s biggest event, offering a colossal jackpot to its winning team, with bettors who place special odds being in with a chance of a substantial reward.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Sites

Heroes of the Storm Esports

It didn’t take Heroes of the Storm esports long to devise Heroes of the Storm betting odds for HotS because of how quickly the game grew. And, even though HotS isn’t as popular as for example, League of Legends, it is still a beloved game by many. In this article, we’ll walk you through what the game is and the best Esports bookmakers for HotS esports betting.

There are 3 especially interesting esports bookmakers involved with making HotS Esports bets. Some of these esports bookies have special bets which are increasingly popular with the general public (the one that comes to mind is bet365). Each of these bookies has unique esports betting odds for the game so it’s worth checking out all of them.

Type ‘HotS betting’ into your search engine of choice, and you’ll probably be disappointed with what comes up. Sorting the useful information from the unusable will be time-consuming, to say the least; so, we’ve done it all for you. The following summary lists what we think are the most promising Heroes of the Storm betting site for this year. We’ve even gone the extra mile and given you the reasons why we think each is so great.

Betway esports its a well-known and established esports site, when you get €30 free bet bonus. The site offers esports blog with betting advice and tips and one of the first bookmakers to offer HotS betting. The newness of Heroes of the Storm means that the number of betting sites on Heroes of the Storm providing HotS betting is not as large as one might hope, though this fact does not mean that we simply list them all to recommend them to punters.

However extensive or limited the number of HotS betting sites on Heroes of the Storm might be, we look at them all regardless, and compare game coverage, bonus promotions and offers, as well as a whole host of other options that might influence potential bettors’ choices, thus rooting out the less promising bookmakers from those committed to providing the best service for their customers. It is our job to provide an accurate and concise overview of what is currently available in terms of Heroes of the Storm betting.

We’re thoroughly excited about HotS betting, so, when a new betting site crops up, you will be able to learn about it. New HotS bookmakers are given a thorough once-over by our accomplished reviewers, who go through all the site’s features with a fine-tooth-comb, bearing in mind all the while what all the HotS bettors usually look for.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Sites

Great Heroes of the Storm Betting Bonuses

Betting sites on Heroes of the Storm that have recently introduced HotS betting tend to offer substantial welcome offers to entice new punters, and this doesn’t go unnoticed. But we also take note of the quality of customer support, the variety of payment options, bonus features, availability of match betting and odds – all of which helps potential bettors make an informed choice before committing to that particular bookmaker.

While you’re keeping an eye on the HotS scene by reading blogs and forums, and regularly checking scores, keep an eye out also for special promotions, Heroes of the Storm betting bonuses and free bets. Some bookmakers offer a substantial deposit bonus which can be very useful to help build up your bankroll before commencing gameplay; others reward player loyalty with random free bets, credit or cool prizes.

Heroes of the Storm is categorized as a multiplayer online battle arena game, another ingenious brainchild of Blizzard, which is clearly attempting to bring something new to the front with its unique approach and innovative features, placing it in a more than an adequate position to compete with the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2. In fact, if you’ve placed bets on either of them, you’ll be glad to find that HotS betting follows much the same lines.

You can choose to bet on:

  • the outcome of a match also referred to as The Money Line
  • handicaps (spreads and maps)
  • the winner of a particular tournament

It’s a good idea to get a feel for the teams on each side; it’s pretty normal for a team to lean towards preferred battlegrounds and being aware of this will do much to help bettors place an informed bet. Another factor to take into consideration is team compositions; in HotS, it is not uncommon for a team to gain an advantage over their opponents simply on the grounds of player selection. If you want to learn more about HotS betting, subscribe to the Heroes of the Storm official YouTube channel.

It’s always useful to keep an eye on the HotS odds that are currently available, especially if you’re following a particularly turbulent match – or even if you’re not, and you’re just a Heroes of the Storm enthusiast who regularly indulges in match betting. and Betway are always a safe bet, as they are both renowned for offering favorable odds whatever the e-sport (HotS odds included), so the discerning bettor would do well to check them out prior to placing their bet.

If you like the sound of Heroes of the Storm, you’ll be glad to know that the game is free to play, meaning that you won’t have to pay to download it and start playing. There are, however, in-play purchases that you can make either by paying real cash or spending the gold that you accumulate during the game.

At the moment, betting sites are fewer and farther between than one would wish, but it certainly seems as if HotS is gaining popularity, which is largely due to the ingenious tweaks made by its developers in an attempt to make it stand out. The use of cryptocurrency gives it an edge, due to the prevailing trend towards the virtual. Odds are more or less favorable, and betting can be thoroughly rewarding.