H1Z1 is a massively multiplayer online video game which adopts a battle format, a large number of players all compete and fight on one single map at the same time. Although the game is an invention, leagues and other competitions are all fairly commonplace and there have even been some online bookmakers beginning to offer H1Z1 betting odds on such competitions. Here we will talk about the sites where you can bet on the game and what betting markets offer.


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There is some confusion about H1Z1 King of the Kill skin gambling mostly due to changes in the game itself. In order to help clear up misunderstandings, we will review the game’s past history. In the beginning, there was H1Z1 which was released in 2015. The game was split into 2 separate projects in 2016 so there was H1Z1: Just Survive which was a survival game and H1Z1: King of the Kill which was a battle royale type game.

The big challenge for all Battle Royale games was to provide punters with a predictable and reasonable way of betting on its outcome. As the maps shrink due to the toxic gas cloud, players caught and the outskirts die and survivors are forced to fight for a place in the middle. This renders the possibility of games turning into a long and tedious affair impossible and makes H1Z1 betting intense.

As many as 150 players can compete on the same map, but in the events featured by gambling sites, the number is slightly lower. There are three distinct game modes, with players entering the fight in Solo mode, together with a teammate or in a team of five players. The latter is ideal for betting since there are fewer teams involved and it is easier to bet on the outright winner. However, this is a steep departure from the original format of the game in which every player is responsible for himself.

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, some online bookmakers – both traditional ones and H1Z1 esports have begun offering some betting options. The game is, however, in its very early stages as an esport and that is reflected in the types of bet which are currently available. In fact, the following is the only market which bookmakers presently provide and the number which do, is still fairly limited: Match Winner as things stand those bookmakers who do offer betting, only currently allow punters to bet on the individual player or team who they believe will win a match played out as part of a major tournament.

Whilst this is a little disappointing, it is entirely understandable as the game is a very young esport and as such it’s difficult for either bookmakers or potential punters to really know yet what other betting options may be viable.

H1Z1 Betting Sites

What Are The Best Betting Site?

Since it’s a brand new title, the betting venues are limited, but rest assured, the popular esports betting websites will allow users the option of betting on H1Z1:

  • ArcaneBet
  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • PaddyPower

These are among the top betting websites which are leaning towards releasing the option to bet on the game in the near future. Each H1Z1 betting website also features match stats, odds, and a list of powerful players and teams. This could come in handy for the newbies who are just betting blindly in order to earn some cash. These websites will also allow in-game items and skin betting for players. Furthermore, live streams will also be featured during the Pro League matches and other local events to further influence the decision of bettors.

Getting on an H1Z1 betting site is fairly easy and the same as the process for joining CSGO skin gambling websites. Generally, users will register and log in to a site through their Steam account. Skins will need to be deposited in order to gamble. Users will have to set their Steam inventory to “Public” and provide the site with their Steam Trade URL.

For those wanting to gamble using skins finding a reputable site is an important consideration. It also is helpful if they accept other methods of deposit besides skins so you aren’t too limited. If you look for CSGO Skin Raffle Sites or sites that offer other CSGO betting games there is a good chance that they will also accept skins.

H1Z1 Betting Sites

About H1Z1 Betting

H1Z1 betting is easy to get started with. You bet on the team and the players who you think will win. Your bets can be placed before the game or in-game. By placing a winning bet you will receive your investments multiplied by the betting odds.

Odds can vary drastically from one provider to another. This will largely depend on the number of players betting, and the history of teams competing. H1Z1 esports bookmakers will decide their own odds using their set of calculations, however, usually, you will find better odds with the bigger brands. As well as, you can get a starter bonus if you choose the right provider.

The only way to bet on the game is by placing your bets on the game. Currently, there are no skin trading, skin betting or case opening sites, however, the game is popular amongst VGO betting.

Compared to other popular H1Z1 esports, where players can bet on dozens of events every game, H1Z1 betting offers few alternatives. It is still possible to bet on the match-winner for both teams and individuals, as well as the final placement. With so many combatants, it’s nearly impossible for H1Z1 betting sites to list all of them and also update the information in real-time. The fact that live betting isn’t offered on a grand scale is a bit disappointing, given the fast-paced nature of this game.

On the bright side, while the sheer limitations of the gameplay lead to fewer betting markets, other types of wagers are possible. Betting skins is still a thing and this type of gambling is particularly popular in countries where online betting isn’t properly regulated. It appeals to recreational punters and active players who have a lot of fun playing the game and simply want to make things more exciting. As the popularity of the game betting grows, it is likely that more gambling sites will emerge, providing punters with more betting opportunities at competitive odds.

There are dedicated betting sites out there that will let you bet on competitive matches using real money, cryptocurrency, or in-game items such as virtual currency. These sites will display the odds of winning strategies and act as a broker for wagers. For the first H1Z1 Showdown — H1Z1 tournaments that pit 75 awesome Battle Royale players against each other for fame and glory.

H1Z1 Betting Sites

H1Z1 Esports Competitions

Like in all esports games, this title also spawns a series of competitions and events around the globe. There are four major kinds of competitions. They invite pros and newcomers from all across the globe. In the last global Invitationals, the prize pool was $500,000, and over 75 different gamers participated in the event. With a prize pool of $100,000, 60 high ranking professional players participated in the previous Elite Series championships.

The total number of rounds is three, and the awards were distributed to individual players rather than teams. This is a region-based event. In the last showdown, 75 players from each one of the global regions participated in three matches. Ten out of the 75 participants were chosen as victors after exhilarating series of matches and kills. In the finale, the top ten of the top ten will battle for the prize of the 2018 Gold Showdown AR-15 in their region. If you want to bet on H1Z1, then you need to know everything there is to know about the pro league. 75 players and 15 teams participate in the biggest esports in Las Vegas. The scoring will be based on the accumulated points during the whole season, and only one team will be given the huge prize money of $300,000.

Comparing different H1Z1 betting sites is important because they offer different features, incentives, and chances of success. Here are some of the biggest reasons to go to betting sites:

  • Different H1Z1 betting bonuses
  • Sites can sometimes offer bonuses like deposit bonuses, new user bonuses, and cashback bonuses depending on their policy
  • Popular sites will have bigger prize pools as well as a built-up reputation.
  • Sites offer different betting types that will focus on things like match outcome, event outcome, tournament outcome, or in-game stats like player score, kills, etc.
  • More people betting on a site means that the betting pool will be larger, but it also decreases the chances of winning compared to when there are fewer people
  • Esports focused sites will only offer eSports betting while other sites might offer to bet on traditional sports as well.

The only big difference between gambling sites and traditional sports betting is how odds are calculated. Esports will use experts from the gaming industry while traditional sports use sports analysts.

What H1Z1 Betting Bonuses To Expect?

CSGO Empire has been operating for several years and is one of the most popular and reputable skin H1Z1 betting site around and they offer skin betting. Available games to bet on are Roulette and Coinflip and they also offer CSGO match betting. Aside from skins, players can deposit using CSGO, DOTA2 and Rust skins/items. You may also deposit using G2APay and Bitcoin. CSGOEmpire provides many bonuses and giveaway opportunities and has 24/7 customer support.

WTFSkins is known for being one of the better CSGO Jackpot Sites and offers skin betting. You can bet on Roulette, Crash, and Jackpot on their site. Besides skins, users can also use skins/items from CSGO, Rust, and DOTA2. G2APay, WAX, and Bitcoin are also accepted. WTFSkins also offers regular bonuses.

At CSGO you can bet with skins on three different games. There is a Wheel of Fortune game which is a variation of Roulette, Duals which is a player versus player game and Crash. CSGO and DOTA2 skins can be used to wager with as well as skins. Deposits can also be made using Bitcoin. A number of different bonuses are available on the site.

While the game is relatively new, more and more betting sites on H1Z1 are starting to offer betting opportunities for this game. Each site will offer its own bonuses for punters betting through their site, so you’ll have the opportunity to boost your betting bankroll with offers such as no deposit welcome bonuses, free bets and bet insurance. We’ve found some of the best H1Z1 betting sites offering bonuses to bettors.