Fortnite has now become a cultural phenomenon. The game counts with more than 350 million people around the globe battling daily to be the last standing, as well as with numerous and record-breaking events. It is among the most-watched categories on Twitch and catches the attention of everyone, in every field. Because it is not “just video games” anymore. What has football, or rap, to do with it? Ask Griezmann or Drake. Following this enormous success, bookmakers had to catch up. Even if it’s a relatively young esport, a lot of platforms now enable you to bet on it. Continue reading to find out more about Fortnite betting.


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Fortnite? Never Heard Of It!

If this is what you’re thinking, even though we don’t believe you, no need to worry. New video games come out every day, and the esports scene is so rich that it’s easy to get a bit lost. We’ve got you covered!

If this is absolutely not what you are thinking, we got you as well: skip to the next section to know everything about betting on this popular game.

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Fortnite It’s Not Just Fighting Against Each Other

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is now available on the major video game platforms and features three game modes:

  • Fortnite: Save the World
  • Fortnite Creative;
  • Fortnite Battle Royale.

Save the World is a cooperative PvE (player-versus-environment) game. Four players have to take on different missions in order to; you would never have guessed it, save the world from the terrible and chaotic storms which wiped out almost the entire population. Your group has to face zombies and collect resources as well as find allies in order to restore normality. It is the only pay-to-play mode of the three.

Creative is defined as a sandbox game, one that emphasizes the players’ creativity (I bet it wasn’t hard to come up with these names) in order to freely build, create, edit and move around an island or a series of islands with up to 16 people.

Ok, Maybe It Is A Lot About Fighting Against Each Other

Being the most popular of the three modes, Battle Royale deserves a paragraph of its own, as it is the one which allows players and esports enthusiasts from all over the world to play against each other (pvp), alone or in a team, compete for prestigious prizes and place bets with a wide variety of options.

The way you play is simple: you are one of 100 people who drop from a flying bus (“battle bus”) and land on the battleground. You have no weapons nor equipment with you, so you’ll have to find them all by yourself, as well as building walls and platforms, which will help you gain an advantage over your opponents. The other 99 players will be doing the same, and you must defeat them all in order to finally solemnly declare: winner, chicken din– wait, my bad, wrong game.

Fortnite Currency: V-Bucks

As mentioned before, the game is free-to-play. In order to keep it like that, Epic Games have implemented V-Bucks, a system of currency only available in-game and used to buy cosmetic upgrades and premium features. How does it work? It’s simple: you buy V-Bucks with real money (the smallest buyable amount, 1,000 V-Bucks, costs $10), you use those V-Bucks to buy outfits, tools, dance moves, or a premium version of the Battle Pass, a system structured in seasons that rewards you when completing certain objectives. If it sounds interesting and you want to go ahead and buy V-Bucks, there’s something important to keep in mind: the V-Bucks you buy on a specific platform stay with that platform, even though the items you purchase with them will be available on all your platforms.

Entering The Esports Scene

It’s with the Battle Royale mode that Fortnite gets to take part in the esports universe. One of the most famous official events was the tournament held in Los Angeles in 2018, featuring 100 competitors, 50 celebrities, and 50 streamers. Among them, Drake, Ninja, and Marshmello, these two being the winners. A year later, the first Fortnite World Cup took place, with a total prize pool of $30 million.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that the game has become amid the hottest on the planet. Being on everyone’s mouth, Fortnite obviously paved its path also on the betting scene. We have a lot to cover about it, so let’s begin.

Fortnite Betting And All The Fortnite Betting Bonuses Available

With the popularity the game is experiencing, it is featured on most betting sites, some of the best being, Bet365, Betway, Unikrn, and others. Although bookmakers may seem to offer more or less the same options to an inexperienced eye, it is important to compare their Fortnite betting odds and do some research before using their services in order to understand the differences in terms of payment methods, bonuses and betting odds. Such things will help you find the most suitable according to your preferences. Let’s find out more about some of these bookies. main page

Founded in 2016, it is a very well-established bookmaker in the scene, so if you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and convenient Fortnite betting site with competitive odds and a variety of esports markets, then is for you. Apart from Fortnite, it features games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO.

If you are a newcomer and register, has a special first-deposit bonus in store for you: if you deposit at least €10 they will match it by 100%. All the details are available on their website, which interface is clear and easy to navigate. The only negative aspect of this is the short amount of time you have to redeem the offer.

This betting site covers all the main ways you can credit your account. Either you prefer traditional payment options such as Visa or Mastercard or prefer using cryptocurrency; you will have no problem using this operator.


bet365 main page

Listed among the most popular betting platforms in the world, it lives up to the expectations. It is a safe and recognized operator, offering nothing out of the ordinary but a great betting experience nonetheless.

They not only offer welcome bonuses for newcomers – 100% deposit bonus for up to €100 – but also loyalty ones, all very simple to claim.

Odds are quite competitive, but what really stands out with Bet365 are the special bets they provide, alongside the traditional ones, a great live streaming service, so that you can place your bets in-game, devoted customer support and a very nice mobile version of the website.


Betway main page

Born in 2006 not related to the new esports phenomenon, this popular bookmaker reacted to the latter by adding a category specifically about it and quickly became one of the best bookies out there.

Just as the previous betting sites on Fortnite, Betway, too, offers interesting bonuses for esports fans willing to start betting on their platform. As their welcome bonus, the value of your first deposit will be matched with free bets up to $30, the maximum amount of bets they offer you.

As a respectable esports betting operator, Betway also offers a wide range of payment options.

Unikrn. Another one that leads the esports betting scene too. Praised for being as inventive as highly reputable, it has a special feature, which makes betting even more exciting. Rather than betting on the performance of pros or teams, if you use their UMode, the deal is that you bet on yourself while playing different games, including Fortnite. The odds are calculated based on your performance – the more you win, the lower the odds.

If you prefer going for some more traditional betting, Unikrn has the answer to your needs. Rest assured to get interesting welcome bonus offers – 300% matched deposit bonus up to a maximum amount of $450 –a wide range of traditional payments as well as cryptocurrency methods, secure transactions, and highly competitive betting odds.

Unfortunately, no betting site is perfect. The only inconvenience with Unikrn is that, if you’re not from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, you cannot place bets using real money. Your only way is to use any kind of virtual currency, including their own, Unikoingold.

Fortnite Esports

It may be obvious, but it is important to remark: to bet on Fortnite, you have to know about Fortnite’s competitive scene.

Although the game is relatively new, in 2019, Epic Games allocated $100 million as prize money for regular Fortnite esports tournaments and events. With such an amount of money on the line and the possibility to compete from everywhere online, Fortnite counts with one of the most active and diverse scenes in esports.

To take part in one of these events is easy: the game offers a wide variety of them, often weekly, for which, in general, no particular requirement is asked. The only thing you need to do is to queue up for a game. Simple, right? As the competitive season is filled with Champions Series, Solo Cash Cups, and more, all leading to the final Fortnite World Cup, you may want to keep yourself updated with the upcoming matches and follow your favorite players and esports teams in order to track their performance and place better bets. You have the possibility to do so in-game and on their website, too –


And there you have it! Hopefully, by now, you have understood what such an exciting video game, newly-become esport, has to offer when it comes to online bets. Download for free, visit the bookmaker of your preference, watch live events, follow your favorite personalities on stream, and you are ready to place great bets. Winning money while having fun is possible, especially if it involves one of the most incredible and growing esports phenomena.

Welcome to the battle, we hope you enjoy the ride!