Esports refers to the electronic gaming market that has been dominating the online world. With its wide range of genres of competitive video games, esports betting was born. It is a growing industry that offers bettors the chance to place wage on esports competitions. And nothing is more exciting for bettors than esports bonuses such as free bets. These esports unbound wagers offer a lot of types, and we are here to guide you on how to find the best sites and beat the odds.


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Before we dive deeper into the topic, let’s start defining that a wide-range of esports unbound bets are bonuses given by bookers to gather attention from bettors. Free stakes offer designated for new players as a welcome gift, but could also be for regular promotion to maintain existing accounts. These bets allow you to use some money to have an opportunity to win and begin an esports betting journey without compromising your own money. Now you have the chance to bet on your favorite esports games like DOTA2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and more, depending on your choice. Listed below are the types that you would likely encounter.

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Types Of Esports Free Bets

Sign Up Free Bets

It is the most common but also takes on different forms – including matched deposit or no deposit a wager. Usually referred to as a welcome bonus, this requires you to sign up or make an account to get a specific amount of money. Usual offers written on sites are “Sign up to get a 20$ free bonus bet.” This offer is an effective persuasion for beginners to start on esports betting, and some existing bettors usually take advantage of this by creating more accounts.

Matched Deposit Free Bets

Mostly a welcome bonus but can also be as a reload bonus for existing customers to encourage betting on the site again. This offer is based on your deposited amount and acts as a percentage reward. Most bookie proposals range from 50% and can go as high as a 200% deposit match with a limit of coverage on a specific amount. Esports betting sites advertise this as a “100% matched deposit up to $30.”

Other Classification Of Free Bet Offers

No Deposit Free Bets

The best bait for new esports bettors offered as a welcome bonus; by this, you will have an unbound wager on any esports. It may be smaller than most free bets ranging from 1$-10$, but this one does not require any deposit. The only thing you need to focus on is how to use your cash to grow your bankroll. Since nothing comes easy these days, this type of bet offers a stricter wage requirement and could either be restricted or not restricted. Not restricted and no deposit stakes mean that you can use the credit to any given betting option in the site, while restricted no deposit bets limits to specific betting options. However, no matter how strict or its restrictions, you still have the chance to play and win without a deposit.

Bet And Get Free Bets

It is a popular type of bet that offers to esports betting sites that give you bets when making a qualifying bet. It is also substantial to compare and contrast the offers of different betting sites to achieve the best value. Common stake and get advertisements are “bet $5 and get $10.” This type of free bet is beneficial to bettors with little or minimal betting money to raise credit and chances of betting.

Types Of Free Bets Available In Esports Betting

Money-Back Free Bets

It simply means getting a refund if your bet loses in the game. But this refund is an unbound bet, which means that this is one of the bets that you cannot withdraw the money but could use it to play again. This promotion is present to all betting sites like in major games or high-risk bets such as in Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, or in sports bookmakers like horse racing, football, NBA, or the World Cup. Money-back bet is also not limited to getting your money back upon losing. It may serve as insurance or offer different choices like “money-back if Lebron James gets 60 points” or “money-back if the favorite team wins.”

Free Bet Clubs

Since welcome bonuses are only for new bettors, bookmakers also developed a bet club promotion to regular and existing bettors to enjoy. It is a type of loyalty scheme where they require you to bet a certain amount of money within a given period to redeem a bet as a reward. Some betting sites advertise this as “bet $35 this week and get a $10 reward.”

Event-Based Free Bets

The esports calendar is brimming with a lot of exciting tournaments and events all through the year. Sure, there are a lot of stakes offered, but bookmakers make a big deal out of these events and increase or double the bonuses. Sample events with this type of promotion are The Dota 2 International, CSGO Major Championships, League of Legends Worlds, and other events like World Cup Tournament, NBA League, and even Christmas or Holiday Seasons.

Two Sides Of Free Bets

Esports free bets will not be popular if it does not have any benefits. But anything is too good to be true if it also does not have any drawbacks. And so betting is like two sides of a coin, there are head and tail, there is winning and losing, and there are benefits and drawbacks.

free bets esports

A. Benefits

Getting Insurance

Since betting is a gamble, it is comforting to know that you have a little insurance of your money through esports bets. It is where the money-back wager plays its part by giving you insurance of refund if you lose, or if some special offers happen.

Positive Expected Value Opportunity

If you are an excellent gambler, it will be easy to increase your money, although that needs a level of mastery through weeks or years of betting. But since there are risks all-over esports sites, you could easily enjoy a chance of having a positive expected value right away. Where even if you lose, you still have unbound bets without losing more money and getting more chances to play.

Abundance Of Free Bets Offered

One does not need to look harder to find free bets since it is present to all betting sites.

A Free Bet Offer Is Easy To Understand.

Free bets have short terms and conditions where you don’t need to spend hours reading to learn how it works. Once you know the rules, you can then make your bet. And once you meet the wagering requirements found in the terms, you could also easily withdraw your money.

B. Drawbacks

The wagering requirement is the major drawback in free esports bets where some bettors stop claiming bets and only focus on real money. It is because of the general rule in terms and conditions that requires you to multiply your bet at specific times before you could withdraw the money.

So, if you have acquired a $10 bonus and the wagering requirement needs 10x multiplication, then you need to wager a $100 before getting the actual money. But not all free bets have wavering requirements, and usually have to multiply only 5x.

Free bets also have minimum odds where a $10 free bonus means winning a small number of profits. Some bets also have win limits to maintain how much you could earn. It may not apply to every betting site, it’s still important to note and read the terms.

Another downside of esports bets is having a time limit. You need to claim and use this offer before it expires. It varies from different sites ranging from 7-30 days, so make sure to double-check before getting one.


Free esports bets may not be perfect, but they are worthy offers that serve its purpose if deposit free wager is not required. It is also common to every betting site, and it’s simple to understand and have a positive expected value quality. In simpler terms, free stakes allow us to benefit from winning our money back from a loss, but its drawback is needing to lose first before you could profit.