One of the best ways to make quick, legal money is through sports betting. Sports betting allows you to make a huge amount of money from the comfort of your home or office without breaking a sweat.

You are allowed to predict the outcome of a sporting event and place a wager on it. The result of the sporting event determines whether you win or not. For each sporting event, odds are attached so that you’ll know the risks of playing.

Sports betting cuts across almost all kinds of sports like horse racing, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

There are hundreds of sports betting sites on the internet, and these sites have very similar modes of operation. However, some sites stand out more because of their big odds and quick payout. One of the most popular sports betting websites out there is bet365.com.

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Overall Rating: 4.2/5

  • List of esports – 4.5/5
  • Customer support – 4/5
  • Initial bonuses – 4/5
  • Payment methods – 4/5
  • User Interface/display – 5/5
  • Total score – 4.2/5

The company’s impressive list of eSports and amazing customer service support makes it easy to place your bets and withdraw your winnings.

You can also place multiple bets with your welcome bonus and win larger amounts of money.

Based on the ratings above, it is quite clear that Bet365 is a safe place to bet for you.

Unlike most betting sites, this one has a lot of markets, giving customers more to choose from.


Bet365 is a site created for bet lovers who love to gamble responsibly. Built-in the United Kingdom, bet365 is active in over 200 countries, including Canada. It was designed to establish a bigger connection between individuals and sports teams from around the world. This site is a safe place where anyone can place bets on live and virtual games from thousands of teams from different sports and leagues.

How bet365 Works

Registered users are allowed to predict the outcome of any sporting event and place wagers on them as long as they have enough funds in their account. When a user sees a sporting event, such a user also sees the odds attached to such events. Odds are generated by algorithms using the form, past results, lineups, and history of the team involved.

Users are allowed to stake with a minimum of #100 or $1 depending on the country. When the stake is inputted, the user is also allowed to see possible winnings and confirm the selected games before proceeding. Once the user stakes the bet, it can’t be changed again, and such a user must wait for the outcome of the results.

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Welcome Bonus

Newly registered users are given a Bet365 welcome bonus. The 100% Bet365 bonus is used to welcome and reward users on their first deposit. This means that if your first deposit is $100, you get $100 in return as a welcome bonus. Users are allowed to stake with their welcome bonus.

Location, Age, And Restrictions.

Bet365 rules and regulations are clear and explicit enough to be understood by everyone. Bet365 betting is open to anyone who is 18 years old and above and is from a country where betting is allowed. Restrictions are placed on people who are not yet 18, are not from a betting-approved country or state, and are banned by the law from betting.

Esports Game Offered.

Esports (also known as virtual sports) is a sports competition that uses video games as tournaments. Virtual teams or individuals (including animals and inanimate objects) compete, and players wager based on predictions.

Bet365 offers a wide variety of Esports games like:


Bet365 Csgo (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a virtual video game that offers excellent value for money. On Bet365 Esports, you’ll get the best odds anywhere for the Bet365 CSGO.


LOL (League of Legends) is one of the world’s biggest Esport games, which is why Bet365 Esports serves up a lot of odds for the video game arena title. Users are allowed to wager on several markets like

  • Alternative match handicap
  • Correct Map Score


The Bet365 Dota 2 (Defense of The Ancients) is also a major tournament on Esports that gives users the chance to wager on possible outcomes.


StarCraft 2 is also among the wide range of Esports games offered on the Bet365 site. Users are allowed to wager on total maps won, handicap betting, match winner, etc.

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Types Of Bets

There are various types of bets available on the site. The bets depend on the sports being played, and this means they vary according to the sports selected.

  • Soccer: double chance, goals over/under, both teams to score, correct score, Asian handicap and goal line, Asian corners, draw no bet, goals even/odd, etc.
  • Basketball: a race to 20 points, winning margin, correct quarter score, highest scoring half, highest-scoring quarter, double result, etc.
  • Rugby: a race to points, winning margin, double result, highest scoring half, total points odd/even, etc.
  • Boxing: to win a fight, fight outcome, round betting, total rounds, etc.

Sign Up/ Registration

Bet365 registration is free and easy. New users are to provide basic information like name, date of birth, location, postal code, mail, and phone number. After providing this information, you’ll be asked to create a password, as well as a four-digit security number. You’ll then agree to the terms and conditions of the website. The Bet365 legal documentations are available for you to read or print. Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to make your first deposit into your bet account. This phase of registration can be skipped if you are not ready to deposit yet. Next, you will be asked to verify your account through your mail to show you’re a real human and not a bot. After verification, you are now free to use your account and place your bets.

bet365 Registration

Special Features.

One very unique thing that makes Bet365 different from other sites is the “take a break” feature. This tab helps those who are addicted to gambling or those who are getting addicted to gambling. When you click this tab, you will be redirected to a site that is set up to help you track and control your bet activities.

You will be taught how to stay away from gambling for a period of 6 months to 1 year or 2 years, depending on your choice. During this period, you cannot stake a bet under any circumstances. There’s also the tab where you can seek professional advice from gambling support services.

Also, the Bet365 app is available on both IOS and Android mobile operating systems. This means you can operate your account on the go without having to log in on the website.

Deposit And Withdrawal Options.

There are several options available for making payments to your account. To deposit money into your account, you need to click on the “deposit” tab available under your profile section. When you do, you are referred to a page where you can choose your deposit method. There are four different deposit methods available on the site. They are;

  • Credit/debit card
  • Paysafecard
  • Wire transfer
  • Cheque.

When you select the payment method, you’ll then proceed to give the required information before being sent to a secure page for payment.

To withdraw money, you’ll also click on the “withdraw” tab and specify the amount of money you want to withdraw. You will be asked to provide your bank details where the money will be sent to. Withdrawal can take up to two days to be processed and finalized.

Privacy And Security

You might be wondering, ‘is Bet365 safe?’ ‘is Bet365 good?’ You’re right in asking these questions because the safety of your financial information is very important.

Financial information and bet history remains the property of the betting site and the user alone — no third party is given access to this information. Bet365 uses the 128-Bit SSL encryption to protect financial information and also make sure that users are not susceptible to scammers or hackers.

Customer Support

Customer service is available 24/7. The customer service can be accessed through the “help” tab under your profile. You can contact them on various issues like account verification, withdrawals, deposits, etc. The customer service responds almost immediately through mail, web message, call, or instant chat.

bet365 Customer Support


Some of the Pros of this site are:

  • The “take a break” feature.
  • Favorable odds
  • Fast deposit
  • Quick payout
  • Responsive customer service, etc.

While it’s true that Bet365 is one of the best betting sites, it also has some features that downplay its reputation a little bit. Some of the features are:

  • Auto cash out
  • No reward for one game loss
  • Limited markets on Tennis and Golf, etc.


Getting a reward for your passion for sports sounds amazing, but getting it done at one of the best sites makes it better. Bet365 is the ultimate site for you to exhibit your betting prowess with ease of mind. With the combined efforts of responsive customer services and a team of developers who are constantly working on ways to make the site better,


How Do I Verify My Account?

Your account can be verified through the mail or phone number you submitted during registration.

How Do I Make Deposits?

Deposits can be made through debit/credit cards, cheque payments, Paysafe Card, and Wire Transfer.

I Can’t Log In To My Account

If you have problems logging into your account, kindly reset your password or contact the site on any of the customer service channels.

Forgotten My Username And Password

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it by clicking on the “lost login” tab. A message will be sent to your mail or phone, where you can reset your password or username.

How To View Your Recent Bets

Select ‘View History’ under the ‘My Bets’ tab to view your recent bets.